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Get Online Amazon kindle support USA Service for Screen Frozen, Not responding, Unable to connect Wi-Fi network, e-mail file not received, Software updates not working, Forgot password and error code message issues. You can get personalized Kindle Fire Customer Service in USA. I Called Toll Free Amazon Technical support via phone or chat many times and got instant solutions for my all queries.


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Kindle Customer Support Services Team

Call Kindle Customer Support Services Toll Free: Every time I Called Support phone number, and got online help from this professional geeks. They are best in Customer Care and tech support services providers. We provide the best fire customer service support in USA / Canada and UK 2015 -16. Our fire tech kindle support team is available 24×7 for your assistance. Dial Our number is toll free within Kindle Support USA.

Just Call us on our support toll free number for troubleshooting and resolution for your device. We have experts talking to you to resolve any issues & amp problem or error which you are facing with any model of e-reader like connectivity problems, Wifi issues support, screen frozen, not responding, setting up your fire device, registration help etc.

Our helpline expert team provide the instant services 24*7. Get 00AD (16GB Pink) Fire HD 6 Wi-Fi, 00AE (16GB Blue) Fire HD 6 Wi-Fi, 00B4 (8GB Citron) Fire HD 6 Wi-Fi, 00B6 (16GB Citron) Fire HD 6 Wi-Fi, 00DA (8GB Black) Fire HD 6 Wi-Fi, Fire HD 6 2014, 0088 (16GB Black)Fire HD 6 Wi-Fi, 00A4 (8GB White) Fire HD 6 Wi-Fi, 00A5 (16GB White) Fire HD 6 Wi-Fi, 00A6 (8GB Pink)Fire HD 6 Wi-Fi, 00A9 (8GB Blue) Fire HD 6 Wi-Fi.

Kindle Customer Help US Ensure Guaranteed

Kindle Customer Help Support:It is easy to take your documents with you. You can E-mail documents including Word, PDF and more. Here you can find how to setup kindle fire and get instant help on your phone from our experts. We provide 24×7 support services to our customers.

Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively, Audible (Audible Enhanced (AA, AAX)), DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, non-DRM AAC, MP3, MIDI, OGG, WAV, MP4, VP8. For any queries or issue you can contact us on our Amazon Kindle help USA number.

Support for Models Issues / Errors


It is the latest by Amazon which has several new technologies included in it. There is a home button at the bottom of the reader.

Kindle DX

It has a large screen and was mainly for the people who enjoy working on it. You can easily make notes on this e-reader as its screen size is 9.7”.


Fire HD/HDX e-reader comes with a lot of features. In addition to reading books this e-reader comes with Amazon Silk Browser in which you can watch TV shows.

Kindle Customer Support Services USA

Kindle Customer Support Services USA: eBook reader Fire was introduced in the year 2011. It was the first kindle without E Ink display. It show Wi-Fi option .It has a 8 GB of storage capacity. Call 00AB (16GB Blue) Fire HD 7 Wi-Fi, 00B0 (8GB Citron) Fire HD 7 Wi-Fi, 00B2 (16GB Citron)Fire HD 7 Wi-Fi, 00DE (8GB Pink) Fire HD 7 Wi-Fi, 00DF (8GB Blue) Fire HD 7 Wi-Fi, Fire HD 7 2014, 0063 (8GB White) Fire HD 7 Wi-Fi, 006B (16GB White) Fire HD 7 Wi-Fi, 0092 (8GB Black) Fire HD 7 Wi-Fi, 0093 (16GB Black) Fire HD 7 Wi-Fi, 00AA (16GB Pink) Fire HD 7 Wi-Fi Kindle Support USA toll free Ereader Fire Features list with Technical Support.

  • Stunning Color Touchscreen
  • Magazines in Rich Color
  • Beautifully Simple and Easy to Use
  • Movies and TV Shows
  • Fast Dual-Core Processor
  • Your Favorite Apps and Games
  • Web Browsing with Amazon Silk
  • Millions of Books
  • Free Cloud Storage
  • Your Favorite Children’s Books
  • Parental Controls
  • 20 Million Songs
  • Easy to hold in one hand
  • Owners’ Lending Library
  • Read Your Documents

Kindle support downloads file transfer utility

  • Kindle Help And Technical Support For all Models
  • Technical Support UK Packages as per requirements
  • Qualified Certified Technical Executive
  • 24* 7 Support Online Help for fire trouble
  • connection to wifi with proper trouble
  • A proper troubleshooting

We Are Expert in Troubleshooting?

Online Troubleshooting Issues

Kindle Customer Support Online: Like Nook, Kobo this ereader help can be easy and interesting if you are having working wireless connections and if not you may set the connection by yourself, or with the help of tech help. People generally are not able to connect to the WIFI . The cloud , and speed through tasks with automatic two-sided.

Internet Connection Problems

Kindle Customer Support Internet Connection Problems Customers may feel it difficult to troubleshoot connections .In case if they are not knowing the exact
wifi settings for the network they have, we help them to find the settings and connect to the desired connection .

Wireless Connectivity Issues

Kindle Wireless Connectivity Issue: We provide assistance for wifi connections and even if wi-fi is slow due to any software reason, we can update router firmware to get it fixed.

Kindle Customer Service Support Phone Number

Kindle Customer Service Support Phone Number: Sometimes users may face some problems or errors using like-

Screen stuck while reading a PDF document,
Screen Stuck in the dictionary while using landscape mode,
Error on while pressing back button Unable to start application, please try again,
Menu option not working/ responding UK,
Connection Problem Australia,
How to register Australia Help,
Device registered to another user,
How to deregister,
Not able to find Serial number,
Forgot password,
Screen Frozen or Not responding,
Unable to connect to Wi-Fi network,
Not recognized by your computer,
Unable to receive a converted file,
Update button missing or error message while tapping on Update button,
Software updates not working,
HD/HDX showing the old version even after updating the software,
Losing Wi-Fi connection during video playback,
Battery not getting charged. Call Kindle Fire Support Online,
Newspapers or Magazines not downloaded,
Cannot delete a book from my folder,
Incomplete file download” error message while opening the book,
Several pages missing from the book,

  • Book skipping pages,
    Error while downloading or accessing or listening to music,
    Problem watching videos,
    e-mail file not received,
    Outside Wi-Fi range,
    PDF not converted,
    Problem using apps,
    Problem in using Amazon Silk browser,
    Screen unresponsive or frozen or hanged,
    Lines on the screen,
    Problem in updating manually,
    Not able to find Serial number,
    Forgot password error help,
    File not received- “Outside coverage area,
    Unable to connect to Wi-Fi network,
    Not playing Audiobook,
    DX battery not charging,
    Device not recognized,
    Update unavailable,
    Updations unsuccessful- The software dosen’t appears to work,
    Engine crashed by downloading a PDF larger than 50 MB,
    File opening very slowly Kindle Paperwhite Support,
    Screen froze for files more than 100 MB,
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    Feasible Features of Kindle Com Support

    www.Kindle Com Support: Errors and Problems in different Types of Kindle Com Support models
    E-reader is of many types varying in the size, memory storage, battery life, connectivity method, weight and many more specifications. A few of them are:

    Kindle Paperwhite Support Phone Number Call Toll Free

    Kindle Customer Service – Solution to All Technical ProblemsKindle is the device developed by Amazon; the world’s known e-retailer Company. Being the small hand held device used at a large scale for downloading the books to read via wireless technology. This device has gained popularity all over the years but there are few technical issues with the device, where it is essential to acquire some kindle customer service via Kindle fire technical support contact number. For up-to-the-mark functioning with the Kindle, obtaining technical support services is quintessential. This will help to gain hassle-free downloading of the e-books and initiate convenience to read e-books. Just dial the kindle fire customer service Phone Number and get rid of entire problems.Ask for technical support Helps in the following troublesome scenarios:

    • Issues with the wifi on Kindle
    • Inability in registering Kindle
    • Frozen of the screen
    • Slow book downloading
    • Book not received
    • Slow working of the Kindle
    • fail to turn on
    • Fail to purchase Kindle
    • Kindle Fire does not respond
    • Issues while signing in
    • Kindle fail to receive a converted file
    • Blank screen of Kindle web browser
    • Wi fi issues in Kindle
    • fails to Charge
    • YouTube app fail to work
    • internet does not work
    • rebooting itself
    • Internet issues
    • lose internet connectivity
    • Continuous Rebooting Recovery
    • Menu option does not Work
    • Netflix issues
    • fails to connect to the internet
    • PDF fails to convert
    • Software up gradation cannot work

    For all the above mentioned issues, if you have some skills, then you can try to resolve otherwise taking professional services via Kindle technical support will certainly an excellent proposition.

    What else provided at Amazon Kindle technical support?

    Your comfort is above anything else to us thus we are very particular what our technicians are serving and how it is served. We have phone as a mode to advice and help users. Our clients spread into every corner of the continents, so calling us would be the best option. This will indeed save time and money in commuting. Our kindle customer service team has excellent skills to talk to you. They use their sharp listening skills and make out what exact problem is causing you issues in using Kindle. Therefore, take our excellent services for all any of the Kindle models. You can chat with talented experts anytime of the day and night because of round the clock availability of the support team.

    Amazon kindle fire Customer Service Phone Number: Our experts respond to your calls on the spot. If issue is easy to resolve then we suggest the way instantly in case, if issue is too complicated to resolve then we take some time and call back our clients with useful solution. Minimum to minimum within 1-2 days we resolve the matter if issue is full of complications.

    Tech Support Number – Is your Kindle troubling you ? Do you need the right Technical Support so that you get the perfect solutions for your issues and problems ? Simply call on our (toll free) tech support number for troubleshooting issues. We can help you for issues like How to setup Kindle Paperwhite Support Phone Number USA Software update and lots more.

    Check the Serial Number

    Kindle 2: B002, B003
    Kindle DX: B004, B005, B009
    Kindle 4: B00E, B023, 9023
    Kindle 5: B012
    Kindle Keyboard: B006, B008, B00A
    Kindle Paperwhite 2012: B024, B01B, B01C, B01D, B01F
    Kindle Paperwhite 2013: B0D4 or 90D4
    Kindle Touch: B00F, B010, B011
    Kindle Fire 2011: D01E
    Kindle Fire 2012: D026
    Kindle Fire HD 7 2012: D025 and D059
    Kindle Fire HD 7 2013: 00D3 and 00D2
    Kindle Fire HD 8.9: B0C9, B0CA, B0CB, and B0CC
    Kindle Fire HDX 7: D0FB, 00FB, 00FC, 0072, 00FD, 00FE, 0073, 006C, 006D, 006E
    Kindle Fire HDX 8.9: 0018, 0057, 005E, 00F3, 0019, 0058, 007D, 007E, 007F

    Amazon devices are rated as best e-book readers, which are light weight, easy to use and offer many other useful features . Though Kindle has proved to be revolutionary device, but you might also face some technical faults or issues with it as you use it.

    Help desk, a remote tech support company in US, UK and Canada is the independent provider of tech support assistance and services. We provide you with premium remote online support (i.e. through phone, emails and live chats) for your technology needs.

    Tech Support Number : 24×7 Support Service

    It is an portable electronic reader/e-book reader line launched by in November 2007. It allows the users to shop, download and read electronic version of books, newspapers, blogs , listen to music, watch movies, take notes, etc.

    Nowadays amazon devices are very popular. There are many models of Amazon which are available in market. Like – Touch, Fire, Paperwhite etc. Each model is having its own specialities and usefulness which tempt the users to buy the new one.

    Need for Technical Help Desk

    These e- book readers from Amazon Corporation are amazing and multi-functional devices. No matter how good your Kindle is, it still remains an electronic device.

    There can be various issues and problems with devices like hardware and battery issues, wireless connection ,setup issues, how to setup parental control on display problems, account issues, downloading errors, etc for which you might require too seek technical support at times.

    United States provides quick and leading online support services for all types of issues. Call us now for any sort of assistance and help at our Toll Free number.

    Kindle Voyage support

    Resolving Issues: Dial The right Tech Support Number

    We provide easy, instant and expert online assistance for all type of models and will help you troubleshoot every issue you are facing with your device. We provide you with hands on support services

    Our tech support team is very skilled and experienced ,and knows how to handle their domain of work with perfection.

    Call on our Kindle tech support number and our technical experts will assist you within 60 seconds.

    Issue which require Kindle Voyage support Tech Support Service ?

    At, we support all types of Models like

    (i) E- Ink version models like Kindle DX, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite etc.

    (ii) LCD version like Kindle Fire and its other versions.

    Just the name the model and the query/problem regarding it and we’ll give you the best possible resolution .

    Amazon Technical Support Phone Number

    You may require technical support for various issues like:

    • How to setup?
    • Registration/Account issues
    • Battery or charging issues
    • Kindle not starting
    • Screen issues- Frozen or unresponsive screen
    • Lines appearing on the display screen
    • Typing issues or errors
    • Not able to locate password characters on Kindle’s keyboard
    • Internal error on downloading
    • Lost or stolen
    • How to deregister ?
    • Wi-Fi Connection issues
    • How to set Parental Control ?
    • How to Login ?
    • How to reset Kindle ?
    • How to reset password ?
    • Software Updating Issue
    • Trouble connecting via USB
    • Content errors
    • Data/books not downloading
    • Receiving error message on opening a book
    • Not saving pages
    • Content or book not in readable format
    • How to access old Kindle books on new Kindle ?
    • Kindle Synchronization problem
    • Music and Audio File issue
    • Silk browser not working properly
    • Can’t connect to PC
    • Overheating of the device
    • Emails not working
    • Have any other issues? We’ll fix it all for you.

    Why choose helpline for Tech Support ?

    • We provide phone and online remote support.
    • Our Tech Support number is Toll Free Phone number
    • We provide 24×7 support service
    • We provide our services on weekdays and on public holidays as well
    • We support all types of Issues and Models
    • We have a separate team
    • The members in team are thorough professionals, well experienced, certified and skilled individuals
    • Our support services are available at very reasonable and affordable Prices. No hidden charges
    • You don’t need to wait for your turn as your call will be assisted within 60 seconds.
    • Customer satisfaction is our main priority.
    • Money Back guarantee if not able to solve your issue.

    Contact Details : The Best Tech Support Company

    Our effective tech support services have won us many happy customers. We go beyond your expectations to give you the best services and perfect solutions.

    Call us anytime ,any day according to your convenience and get an end for all your kindle problems easily.

    Kindle high-tech abutment touch base with – Toll Free

    Issues with Kindle ebook reader Devices

    Issues with Devices: With Kindle e-books reader devices Amazon has achieved great success. Over the years, Amazon tried to give the best electronic book reader device to people by launching better and revised versions or models of every time. Moreover, the feedback for various versions has been generally positive.

    However, even the most popular products have a downside. Besides being limited to content offerings of, there are some other issues with that you may encounter. For any sort of help or troubleshooting your device call our tech experts at toll free whole number for experiencing top class support service.

    Common Troubleshooting Issues

    With every generation of ebook there are some common troubleshooting problems/issue like :

    • Display or screen issues- Frozen screens
    • Lost or stolen
    • Power/Battery or charging issues
    • Wireless/3G connectivity problems
    • Kindle Account issue/ Registering Issues
    • USB Transfer Issue
    • Music and Audio file issues
    • Software update issues
    • Content downloading issues , etc…

    Issues with different E-Ink version

    The E-Ink version includes – 1st generation Kindle, Kindle DX , Kindle Keyboard, Touch, Paperwhite, Voyage and their upgraded versions. Though the E Ink version have been liked and appreciated by the people, but there are some downsides as well. Some of the Kindle Models and their issues are mentioned below:

    Kindle 1

    • Not starting
    • Frozen , blank or unresponsive screen issues
    • Battery not charging properly
    • Device not connecting to Wifi
    • Keyboard not working
    • How to Login
    • How to reset the Kindle
    • How to reset the Password
    • Error on downloading the e- books
    • SD card slot not reading the memory card
    • Audio jack not working
    • Content not downloading
    • Content errors
    • Book not opening
    • Page Read doesn’t sync, etc

    Kindle DX

    • Kindle Screen unresponsive
    • Lines on the screen
    • Lost or stolen
    • How to de register or signout, log out, delete account.
    • How to manage contents and device page
    • Kindle Software Update issues
    • Book/Content issues or errors
    • File sent could not be converted or delivered
    • Kindle not saving pages
    • Wireless issues
    • Not able to sync with Amazon servers
    • Book not displaying properly
    • Music & Audible files problem
    • Power and battery issues
    • And much more…

    Kindle Keyboard/ Kindle 3

    • Payment Issues
    • Frozen Devices
    • Screen or case issues like lines or electromagnetic interference or defective screen etc
    • Wifi connection issues/ Free 3G connection issues
    • Kindle keyboard not able to sync with
    • Registration Issues like de-registration, account creation etc
    • Can’t find password characters on Kindle’s Keyboard
    • Can’t find Kindle serial number
    • USB Connection
    • Synchronizing across devices
    • Voice and Text to speech Guide not working
    • How to access old Kindle books on new Kindle, etc…

    Kindle Touch

    Few Problems which have been reported by users on using Touch include issues like :

    • Transferring Purchased Content
    • Forget my Kindle password/ Unable to Reset the password
    • Frozen touch screen
    • Lines appearing on the screen
    • Trouble while playing songs and audio books
    • Kindle Touch not Starting
    • it’s not connecting to free 3G
    • Book or content not opening
    • Content errors/ Missing pages from the books
    • How to Register Kindle to different account, etc..

    The issues with Voyage and Paperwhite model are also more or less similar with the above mentioned problems

    Issues with LCD version

    Kindle Fire

    The range has claimed as much as 33% of Android Market for tablets. Since with the success of original Kindle Fire , there have been various upgrades in Amazon’s devices. With the HD and HDX version available in various sizes and offering content for different audiences. Almost every product has both bright and grey side of it .Listed below are some of the issues with all amazon Fire versions i.e., HD and HDX.

    • Issues with Typing
    • Internal error on loading certain apps
    • can’t connect to PC
    • Overheating of the device
    • Emails not Working/ Updating
    • Trouble with startup
    • Device not charging
    • Unable to connect to Wifi
    • No audio through head phones or speakers
    • Flickering of the Screen
    • Pre installed browser not starting / Silk browsers crash and are slow, etc..

    Professional agency for Kindle Errors Help Australia

    Scholarly platform for problems: Amazon’s tablets are great devices which allow you to read whatever you want to, watch films, listen to music etc, anywhere and everywhere. But what will you do when your Kindle starts troubling you or things go wrong with it due to some faults? That’s the time when you need backing. We can provide you support for all types of kindle like support for Kindle fire, Kindle HD, Kindle Errors Help Australia etc. provides instant and the best issues and problems. Simply call our tech experts at toll free number mentioned below and get quick assistance.

    Scientific guide Services For Kindle Support USA

    It’s a revolutionary device that makes it easy for us to use e-books, watch our favourite movie & videos etc. But, like every other electronic product for also you might require kindle technical support USA for troubleshooting kindle issues., is a remote tech support company in USA, UK and Canada that provides leading support services for all Amazon Kindle issues . We provide 24/7 technical support for issues and have served many happy and satisfied customers .

    We provide easy, quick and appropriate online assistance for all the Kindle help and issues required. We have a separate team and as well as other category of devices. Our team is well versed with their domain and is certified with experienced experts.

    Which Issues & Queries We Support in UK ?

    Be it any kind of query or problem with your device, Our experts team will solve it all.

    There are many issues for which we provide assistance, such as:

    • Registration/Account Issues
    • Screen/Display issues
    • Broken Kindle Screen/Case
    • Wifi Connectivity issues
    • How to restart
    • not connecting to Free International 3G
    • working slow
    • not turning on
    • Rebooting Issues
    • Screen Frozen / Unresponsive
    • Software Updates Issues
    • Resetting to factory settings
    • Lost or Stolen
    • Unable to register to Amazon .com
    • Not able to make a Purchase
    • Battery not charging / Power Issues
    • Content errors/ Downloading Issues
    • How to register ?
    • How to De-register Account ?
    • Unable to Connect via USB, AND LOTS MORE.

    “Just tell us the issues and we promise to fix it at the earliest”

    Kindle User Guide for all Models

    We provide technical support for almost each and every type of model and their different version Mentioned below is the detailed list.

    • Kindle 1
    • Kindle 2 and 2 International Version
    • Kindle DX, Kindle DX International , Kindle DX graphite Australia
    • Kindle 3/ Kindle Keyboard
    • Kindle 4
    • Kindle Touch
    • Kindle 5 Help
    • Paperwhite – both fist and 2nd generation
    • Kindle 7
    • Voyage
    • Fire, Kindle HD, Kindle HDX

    Why Choose Our Kindle forum to fix Issues?

    • We provide both phone and email support. If required, we take the remote access of your device and do the needful.
    • We have an expert and an entirely separate tech support team.
    • Every member of our Kindle technical support team is certified and experienced individual.
    • No jargon’s or technical language used . We communicate with our customers in a easy to understand language.
    • Our service charges are easy on your pocket. We offer cost effective plans/options for you to choose from to solve your problems.
    • No extra or hidden charges.
    • Provide free problem diagnosis service.
    • Unlimited support provided.
    • Round the Clock service i.e our service is available 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week .
    • We are there for you even on weekdays and public holidays as well
    • We also make sure that you don’t have to wait for your turn for assistance.
    • Every call is answered within 60 seconds and you get the assistance from the best tech experts every.
    • Complete customer satisfaction assured.
    • We guarantee to return your money back, if not able to solve your problem. tech support is your phone helpdesk line for all problems relating to device. For instant support and quick diagnosis call on our Toll Free number and get assisted by professionals.

    Types of Kindle

    There are various types of Kindle available in the market. Each has its own features and specifications. No matter which Kindle device you have, you will face problems with it sooner or later. We at amazon kindle helpdesk, provide the best tech support for Kindle UK. Call on our toll free tech support number and get instant solutions for all your Kindle issues

    Different Types of Kindle Models

    All the types can be classified into two main categories i.e. E-Ink version and LCD version.

    The Types of E-Ink Kindle Versions



    • Kindle 2 : Launched in 2009 is slimmer than Kindle first generation, screen size 6″, 2 GB of internal memory where 1.4 GB was user accessible, no SD card slot, can hold about 1500 non illustrated books.
    • Kindle 2 – International Version : This version of Kindle 2 was made available in market on 19th October 2009. This version is somewhat similar to the First generation Kindle. This version used standard GSM and 3G GSM network standards, enabling it to be used on AT & amp;T’s U.S. mobile network and internationally in 100 other countries.
    • Kindle DX: This was announced on my 6th in the year 2009. It is the thinnest Kindle till date and comes with an accelerometer , allowing to rotate pages between different orientations on turning the kindle on its side. It has larger screen than standard Kindle and supports simple pdf files.
    • Kindle DX international version: It comes with a 9.7 inch screen, supports international 3G wireless and has been exported to100 countries since January 2010
    • Kindle DX Graphite: It is a revised version of Kindle DX released on 1st July 2010. It is less in price than Kindle DX, has 50% better contrast ratio and comes only in Graphite case color. It supports battery life of about 1 week with 3G and 2-3 weeks with wireless switched off. Does not have Wifi capabilities and supports text to speech and MP3 playback.

    THIRD GENERATION [Kindle Support USA | Amazon Kindle Help | Kindle Support Phone Number UK Canada Australia]

    • Kindle Keyboard: The third-generation Kindle is a bit shorter and narrower than the Kindle 2. It supports additional fonts and international Unicode characters and also has a Voice Guide feature . This is available in two version- one with Wifi and other with with both 3G and Wifi connectivity.


    • Kindle 4: This fourth generation Kindle was announced on 28th September, 2011 by Amazon. Kindle 4 is slight reduce in weight and size than previous kindle model , as well as has nine hard keys, a cursor pad, an on-screen keyboard, a storage capacity of 2 GB, and approx one month battery life.
    • Kindle Touch: Amazon announced this touch screen version on 28th September,2011. It is available with Wifi or both 3G/Wifi connectivity. The screen size remains same i.e.6 inch E-ink screen , but with infrared touch screen control.


    • Kindle 5: This was released on September. It supports a black bezel, has a better contrast and hand-tuned fonts. It loads pages 15% faster than previous models.
    • Kindle Paperwhite (first generation): Released on 1st October, 2012 in US. It has It is with built-in LEDs to illuminate the screen, has a 6 inch, 212 PPI display and has 2GB storage. It was available in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi/ 3G models. The light is one of the main features of the Paperwhite, but the light level can be adjusted manually

    SIXTH GENERATION setup guide

    • Kindle Paperwhite (Second Generation): Amazon marketed it on 3rd September 2013 as “ALL NEW KINDLE PAPAERWHITE ” and referred it to as the Paperwhite 2. The Wifi version was released on 30th September and Wifi / 3G version was released on 5th November in USA. This Paperwhite 2 features a higher contrast display technology, better touch input quality, improved LED illumination, 25% faster processor as compared to original Paperwhite.


    • Kindle 7: It was released on 2nd October 2014 and is the first basic Kindle to use a touchscreen for navigating books . In international markets like China , Japan etc it is the first basic Kindle .
    • Kindle Voyage: It was released on October 21 2014 in US. It is available in both 3G / Wifi and Wifi models and has 6″ and 300 PPI display offering the highest resolution available in electronic book readers. The Voyage uses PagePress, a new navigation system.

    LCD Version Of Kindle

    • Kindle Fire: It was announced on 28th September 2011 and is an Android based tablet and it is the first version without E Ink display. It has 8GB of storage capacity and only Wifi option available.
    • Kindle Fire HD: It is the second generation of Amazon’s color touchscreen Kindle Fire tablet . It is available in two screen sizes -7 and 8.9 inches and 16GB memory. [Kindle Support USA | Amazon Kindle Help | Kindle Support Phone Number UK Canada Australia]
    • Kindle Fire HDX: It is the third generation of Kindle Fire tablet that is available is two models same as Kindle Fire HD and 16GB. It is also available in 32 GB and 64GB memory uses operating system -Fire OS 3. The name was changed from “Kindle Fire HDX” to “Fire HDX” and its operating system was updated to Fire OS 4.

      How to Setup Kindle ?

      How to setup Kindle ? Amazon Kindle devices like Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite etc are best e-book readers yet and are also easy to use. If you have a new Kindle e-book reader, then you would need to setup your Kindle that you can start using it. For easy and quick and detailed assistance on how to setup Kindle call on our toll free Kindle Tech Support Number at (##########)

      How to Setup Amazon Kindle E-book Reader ?

      Amazon Kindle e-readers have suddenly increased to unusually high level of popularity over the past few years. If you have bought a new Kindle or if you have reset your Kindle, then you would need to set it up so that you can start reading . You need to register you device and set up one click payment method.

      Here’s all you need to do when you get your e-reader for the first time

      • Charge the Battery :

      Kindle comes with a U.S. power adapter and a Kindle micro USB cable. It will take 4-6 hours to be fully charged. On charging the light next to USB socket will glow yellow and when fully charged it will change to green.

      You can charge you Kindle in two ways :

      (i) either by connecting it your computer/laptop via USB cable.

      (ii) or by connecting it to a wall socket using USB cable and the power adapter plug.

      Other or third party charging devices, power converters, adapters etc will not be supported by your Kindle. Also, it is not recommended to use any other charging devices that are not included with your Kindle.

      Using Kindle while its Charging :

      You can use this while its charging through your computer, by either un-mounting it or ejecting it. By ejecting, the it will exist USB drive mode and the display screen will appear.

      • Switch On the Kindle :

      You can switch ON your Kindle, once its fully charged. The power switch can be found next to the USB port.

      (i) To turn it ON, simply slide and release the switch.

      (ii) To turn OFF the Kindle, slide and hold the power switch for 4 seconds until the screen goes blank and then release it. [Kindle Support Australia | Amazon Helpline | Support Phone Number UK Canada ]

      (iii) To reset your device, disconnect it from any power source and then slide and hold the power switch for 15 seconds before releasing it.

      (iv)To put your ereader to sleep, just slide and release the power switch.

      • Register Your Kindle :

      If your Kindle is new one and has never been used before , then you’ll will need to connect to WIFI and register it first to Amazon account to buy and deliver content . Registration allows to access features such as purchasing and downloading content.

      How to Register ?

      (i) Press HOME button and then pres MENU Button

      (ii) Select Settings and select Registration option kindle customer support

      (iii) Specify the Amazon account you want to use for your device and select the below mentioned options accordingly:

      (a) Already have an Amazon account: Enter email address and password of your account and select Register option. Your name will appear as the Registered User when registration is complete.

      (b) Don’t have an Amazon Account: On selecting this option, follow the on screen instructions to setup a new account.

      If your device is already registered to an Amazon account which is either wrong or you don’t want to use it anymore, then you would have to Unregister your Kindle after which you can register it to another Amazon account.

      • Setting Password :

      To give access only to authorized users for using your device, you can setup the password. If your device enters the sleep mode or is turned off, then you’ll need to enter the password in order to access it.

      How to set Kindle Password ?

      (i) Go to Home screen and then press Menu Button

      (ii) Select Settings and select TURN ON option next to device password on settings page****8000

      (iii) Enter the password and other required fields

      (iv) Select SUBMIT when you are done Australia USA, United Kingdom.

      • Setup a Payment Method :

      You need to select a payment method so that you can purchase e-books to read on your kindle. All you need to do is :

      (i) Visit “Manage Your Content and Devices ” page either through web browser or your computer.

      (ii) Click on Settings option

      (iii) Select Kindle Payment Settings and click Edit Payment Method to review or edit your 1-click payment settings.

      (iv) Select the desired credit card information and then select CONTINUE.

      (v) Enter the billing address, and then select CONTINUE. Kindle Payment Settings Page will open where you can view or edit 1 click payment method.

      Now you can start shopping for e-books. To download an e-book buy and it will be automatically downloaded to your device.

      support by phone:

      If you are not able to setup your ereading tablet or unable to register or unregister etc, then please contact us at our Kindle Toll free step by step guide number – (1800 USA) and we will help you out.

    Solve Wireless contact by phone

    Wireless Connection Support : Most of the Kindle e-readers are WIFI enabled devices and ca be used with your connection network. Your wireless connection will enable you to surf the web and access various applications. Also for buying and delivering Content or for registration/un-registration of your device you need to connect it wirelessly.

    But many a times users are unable to connect wireless connection. If you face any such problem, then you can call us anytime and any day on our toll free .

    Kindle Wireless Connection Setup

    Setting up a wireless connection on your Kindle is very important. You can only purchase or start downloading your e-books or content to your device or download content from Cloud or sync to receive items and to the furthest page read only if WIFI is enabled on your device.

    How to connect your Kindle to wireless connection ?

    • Press HOME Button – if you are not on the home screen
    • Then press MENU Button
    • Select SETTINGS and then click on the VIEW option which will be present next to the Wifi Settings
    • Now select your network in list of the detected connections available
    • If you don’t see you network, then you would need to enter it manually.
    • If the network is a WPS (WIFI protected setup) or password protected one, then you would need to enter the password and click SUBMIT.
    • If you don’t know the network password, then contact your service provider.

    Your Kindle should now be connected to the WIFI. The next time you switch on your your wireless connection , then your Kindle will automatically be connected to it Kindle fire support .

    Still not able to connect to Wireless connection ?

    If you have trouble with shopping, downloading or content then check the status of your wireless connection on Kindle

    But, if you still have problem setting up Kindle wireless connection then call our Kindle tech experts at our toll free number and get the best assistance ever

    About, Inc is an American e-commerce company based in Seattle, Washington. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, Amazon has grown to be a Fortune 500 company and the global leader in online commerce

    With a clear vision of being earth’s most customer centric company, Amazon wants to establish a platform where people can find anything and everything they want to purchase online at the best possible prices ever.

    It is the largest web based retailer in United States of America. Initially this website was started as online book store, but since then it has significantly expanded its product selection and retail websites.

    Different Retail Websites of Amazon :

    Amazon has individual retail websites for US, UK, Ireland, France, Canada, Spain, Italy, Australia, Brazil, japan, China, India, etc. It also offers international shipping services for some of its products.

    Amazon and its affiliates operates websites including :

    • , etc Products and Services

    With the growth of Amazon, it offers great variety of products to its customers conveniently and at lower prices. It ensures 100% purchase protection provide by Amazon’s A-Z guarantee, smooth ordering experience, easy payment options, full customer support service, quick delivery service.

    What is Amazon Selling ?

    Today, Amazon is selling new, old and used items in almost everything like:

    • Books and e-books ,
    • Movies and Music
    • DVDs, CDs,
    • Software’s
    • MP3 downloads/streaming
    • Video games,
    • Electronic items,
    • Apparels,
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    • Jewelry items,
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    • Furniture,
    • baby items and toys
    Service offered By

    In 2000, started to offer its e-commerce platform to other retailers and individual sellers. Thousands of topmost brands and individual sellers increase there sales by reaching new customers through e-commerce platform.

    • Sell on Amazon:

      Businesses of all sizes can sell products on Amazon. Today more than 40% of Amazon’s total sales comes from the third party selection.It is one of the fastest way of to start selling products online.

    • Build a website :

      Amazon’s e- commerce website is an all in on platform, where you can also build and operate a profitable website/online store. It is secure and reliable and all you need to do is to setup your account, design your web-store and start selling.

    • Boost your Sales with Amazon’s World Class Services :

      With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) you store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and we will pick, pack and ship it and provide customer service for your products. We help you to push your business in positive direction and help you reach more customers.

    • Advertise on Amazon :

      Advertise your products to shoppers and drive quality traffic to your website.

    Amazon services works with all size of businesses parties to provide products and solutions backed by the power of Amazon. Whether you want to sell your products online or want to promote your own website, amazon will help you do it all.

    Products Developed by Amazon.

    Amazon is the major provider of Cloud Computing services. The company also produces its own electronic products i.e.

    • Amazon e-book readers support team
    • Amazon Tablets support telefon
    • Amazon Fire TV
    • Amazon Fire Phone support us

    e-book readers support discussion forum are world famous devices. They are considered to be one the best products created by There is a line of Kindle e-book readers and you can choose the one you want support live chat.

    As all good things have some grey sides, same goes with electronic readers. For any sort of Technical assistance or help regarding your Kindle device just call at our TOLL FREE. Our experts are there for you 24×7 and our service charges are affordable as compared to others.

    Support for Amazon USA

    United States is great to use and a very popular e-book reader device by Amazon. But, even the most popular products have some problems which need to be resolved at the earliest. For best and affordablet avail tech maintenance call on our toll free.

    Guidance for Kindle Oasis

    It’s a tablet computer version of Amazon’s Kindle electronic book reader devices. It was launched in 2011 as a seven inch multi touch display with in plane switching panel technology and running a custom version of Google’s Android Operating System i.e. Fire OS.

    Amazon on starting with original Kindle Fire claimed 33 % of the Android tablet market, but it has upgraded its Android offerings since then. The different types of Kindle Fire models available are Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX.


    The response for devices is generally good and positive. It is nice and interesting to work with these devices till everything is fine, but after all these are electronic devices and you might need at one point of time.

    Kindle Fire and its upgraded models are the LCD version o e-reader devices. The problems which you may encounter with your device are:

    • phone number Fire Freezing Issues
    • dissatisfied with the screen on Kindle Oasis
    • Minor dark specks on my Kindle Oasis
    • New kindle oasis screen problems
    • Amazon Kindle Oasis uneven lighting Problem
    • Kindle Oasis Battery Cover Charging issues

    Oasis battery drains quickly

    Is Your Kindle Oasis Not Charging From the Case Battery. It regularly flashes a warning that it has lost connection with its charging cover. Kindle Oasis cover may not be properly charging the internal battery

    • Issues with Typing
    • Internal error on loading certain apps
    • not connecting to PC
    • Overheating of the device
    • Emails not Working/ Updating
    • Trouble with startup
    • How to setup Kindle Fire HD
    • Kindle Fire working slow
    • Charging issues
    • Unable to connect to Wifi
    • No audio through head phones or speakers
    • Flickering of the Screen
    • Pre installed browser not starting / Silk browsers crash and are slow, etc..

    Kindle Fir Help

    amazon helpline is a professional online company. We can help tackle almost every issues that you are facing with your Kindle Fire. We provide Kindle Fire tech support for every issue with Amazon customer service phone number.

    Be it registration Issues, screen issues , software issues or any kind of problem that requires tech support for Kindle Fire. We’ll handle it all.

    If you face any issue with your customer service phone number for Kindle all you need to do it call our Kindle tech Team at below mentioned number and get quick assistance. We also provide email and live chat assistance


    Troubleshooting Kindle Issues : The Amazon’s Kindle e – book reader devices are the best and light weight products which give the users an opportunity to carry their unique library along with them all over the world. Kindle devices are easy to use and manage, but they can end up in problems from time to time. Call anytime on our Kindle tech support number toll free for help and we’ll be glad to assist you.

    There can be various Kindle troubleshooting issues like:

    • Hardware issues like battery not charging
    • Content Downloading and Syncing errors support hotline
    • Connectivity issues
    • Screen or Display problems
    • Kindle Account issues, and a lot more

    customer service phone number for Kindle

    Before troubleshooting your Kindle, you should know which Kindle model you are using as there are many different versions of the Kindle e-book reader, So knowing which model is yours will help you to find the right solution for your problem.

    If you are not aware about the same, then you can easily get to know about your model through the serial number of your device. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

    • Go to HOME
    • Select MENU
    • Click on SETTINGS
    • Then select DEVICE INFO and check the serial number to help.

    The serial numbers will be in the form of code consisting of numbers and an alphabets like B001 is for Kindle 1, B002 is for Kindle 2 US, B003 is for Kindle 2 International , B00A is for Kindle 3Wifi & 3G, B00E for kindle 4 No Touch Silver and the list goes on. On identifying your Kindle you can easily apply the troubleshooting steps and fix you device quickly.

    Common Kindle Troubleshooting Issues support online

    There are several common problems which you might experience with your Kindle device . Let’s have a look at some of those problems and their fixing procedure.

    • Screen Issues Customer Care:

    Kindle frozen screen issue :This is one of the most common display problem and the possible cause could be low battery of the device.


    • To solve this problem, plug the call customer service into the power outlet and make sure that kindle is charging i.e. the indicator light should be ON.
    • Wait for 2 Minutes and if required unplug the Kindle instructions and reset it. Hold the power switch for at least 40-50 seconds before releasing it.
    • how to use Content Issues help phone number:

    Book or Content not downloading: The cause for this issue can be that Kindle might not be able to sync with Amazon server.


    • If the battery is low then charge it completely first
    • Check if Wireless is enabled or not error code
    • Check the wireless strength
    • Then check All My Items and check the wireless coverage map
    • Now sync and check for Items troubleshooting
    • If required then restart your Kindle website link

    Book not opening / error message on opening the book: This can be due to incomplete file download


    • And download the book again support phone number
    • Restart the Kindle
    • Delete the Book
    • Audio and Music Issues email address:

      Unable to play Audio Book: In this case , one of the reasons can be that the audio book is not found or is not compatible with your Kindle


    • Connect your device to computer via USB cable
    • Once the Kindle has been recognized by the computer as an external hard drive, then click on that drive and select audible folder
    • Check if audio book files are inside that audible folder
    • Confirm if the file type is audible or not
    • Contact Audible

    There are many other issue like Software update issues, Battery issues, Kindle account issues, Connectivity issues, File transfer issues and much more which can be solved easily.

    Restarting Your

    Most of the issues like unresponsive or frozen screen , downloading errors, connectivity problems etc or if the device is not be recognized by the PC , can be solved by restarting your Kindle device. For restarting the device follow the steps mentioned below online help:

    • Slide the power Button and hold it for 30-40 seconds before releasing it
    • Give the device the Time to reboot, which will take a minute or two for the same
    • Charge the Kindle for 30 minutes or more, if it freeze’s during the reboot
    • After the charging is done, slide and hold the power switch again for 20-30 seconds and the reboot screen should appear again Amazon Kindle support.

    What is an e-book reader ?

    E-book Reader

    Before, we move on to e-book readers, it is important
    toll free number that we understand and know about e-books .

    What is an e-book support ?

    An e-book is the digital or electronic version of a print book that can be read through a computer or an e-reader.

    One can either download the e-books for free or purchase on CD’s or download file of the e-books and other reading material from websites like, Barnes and Noble, etc.

    With e-books you can do many things which one can do with paper books like make notes, highlight passage, save text, bookmark pages. These digital books also include built in dictionaries, and alterable font sizes and style.

    What is an e-book reader ?

    E-book reader is a shot form of electronic book reader. It is a handheld electronic devices, designed for the purpose of reading books in digital form. Also know by names such as e-reader, and e-book devices kindle help support, it is almost similar to a tablet computer.

    Like tablets, e-readers also have LCD screen display manuals, capable of higher refresh rates and very versatile devices.

    Features of e-reader devices

    One of the most important feature of e-readers is it’s back lit screen, which make its possible for you to read in dark as well.

    Though any device capable of displaying text on screen can act as an e-reader, but the specially designed electronic book devices offer portability, high quality support Australia readability, and good battery life. An e-book device can hold hundreds of books saving you the extra storage space for them.

    Most of the e-readers can use internet through WIFI and the built in software’s , allowing users to buy, borrow and download e- books for free. One can also purchase books from various websites supprt UK.

    The storage issue is managed through cloud storage or through the built in or external memory. The users can download the content from computers to their e-readers or read through memory cards.

    Famous Companies for e-book readers

    According to International Data Corporation (IDC), in the year 2011, the sales for all e-readers rose to 12.8 million in 2010. Amazon Kindle took the first rank followed by Barnes & Noble Nooks, Pandigital, Hanvon and Kindle com support Australia.

    Amazon Kindle still remains the most popular and preferred e- reader device and offers wide range to select from.

    Various e-book readers available in the market technical support chat
    • Amazon : Kindle, Kindle touch, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Fire, etc
    • Kobo: Kobo touch, Kobo Glo, Kobo Mini, Kobo Aura, etc
    • Barnes & Noble: Nook, Nook Simple Touch, Nook GlowLight
    • Bookeen : Cybook Opus, Cybook Orizon etc.
    • Onyx: Onyx Boox M92, Onyx Booxi62ML
    • PocketBook: PocketBook Pro 602, PocketBook Pro 902, etc
    • Tolino: Tolino Shine, Tolino Vision
    • Pandigital
    • Hanvon
    • Sony Readers, etc

    If you are having any sort of trouble with your Amazon Kindle e-readers, then call on our Kindle Tech support number united States.

    How to Setup Parental Control on Kindle ?

    How to Setup Parental Control on Kindle : Kindle Has established itself as a leading e-reader. Many children are using kindle for reading nowadays. We very well know that Kindle has something to offer to both adults and exective customer support telephone number. If you are giving Kindle e-reader to your kids, then you should be aware of what all your child has access to. Setting up a Parental Control on Kindle will be really helpful for you.

    kindlecomhelp, the best kindle tech support company. If you don’t know how to setup parental control on Kindle or if you have any sort of difficulty doing it, then just call on our Kindle Tech support toll free number at (1-800) and we’ll give you the step wise assistance to do it.

    Why to Setup Kindle for Children ?

    Giving a new Kindle to your kids or allowing them to use your Kindle is a very good decision. But as parents or as guardians, you will always want to keep a check on what your child is doing or seeing customer support canada on it.

    You would not want your child buying books or apps without your permission or having access to some content that you consider inappropriate or You can limit the website that your child can access .

    On setting parental control on the device will give you surety that you know what your child can do with it and on the other hand it will also give your child a sense of freedom to use the device the way the want.

    How to Setup Parental Control on Kindle ?

    With parental control on Kindle you can give limited access to your child for shopping, browsing and viewing other content. You can prevent the chances of resetting your device to default factory settings or de-registering your account and much more.

    Even when you lock the access to the Store on your device, you can still purchase content from your computer and deliver .

    Steps for Setting Parental Control

    • Press Home button and then press Menu button
    • Select Settings, Select Parental control options and then select on/ enable option
    • Select TURN OFF to require a password to access any of the parental control option like Web Browser, Kindle Store, Archived Items etc)
    • Now, Set a password for parental control on kindle and then click finish.
    • After setting password, you can restrict access to web browser, emails, contacts, calendar, apps, videos, books etc
    • A lock icon will appear on the top of he screen on setting up and enabling parental Control on Kindle.

    It is beneficial to note the password somewhere. If in case you forget the password for your Kindle Parental Control, then you will need to reset you tablet to factory settings.

    How to Update Kindle Software ?

    How to Update kindle Software : Don’t know how to update Kindle Software ? Just like our mobile phones, we also need to update software for its smooth functioning. If you want the latest Kindle features immediately, then the best way is to update your kindle software manually. In some cases users don’t know the right www Kindle com support procedure to do it, for which they mighty need technical assistance.

    It is the best Kindle Oasis support call service provider in UK, USA and Canada. Our expert technicians are available at your service 24×7. If you have any problem or receive any error message in updating your software or any other problem just call on our toll free tech support number 1800 and get instant support

    How to Update Oasis Kindle Software customer support chat ?

    On connecting your Kindle to WIFI, the software updates will automatically download and install on your e-readers. You can also manually update the software using a USB cable customer support contact.

    Before we proceed with Software up gradation process, you should know about your software version. But if you don’t know about it then customer support hours : Kindle Support US | Amazon Kindle Help | Kindle Support Phone Number UK Canada Australia

    • Go to Home Screen and press Menu button customer support line
    • Select Settings and at the bottom of the page you will see the software version. The version name will be display will be grey if the latest update is already installed.

    Steps for Manually Updating Kindle Software

    • From you computer go to Software Updates and download required software update file.
    • Now connect the Kindle to your computer via a USB cable customer support phone.
    • Drag and drop the downloaded file from your computer onto the Kindle drive. Make sure that you do not drop the file into one of the folders within the drive.
    • Once the file gets successfully transferred, eject the kindle to disconnect it from computer and remove the USB cable from both the devices customer service support
    • Now Press the Home button and then press the Menu button customer support telephone
    • Select Settings
    • Press the Menu button again, and select Update
    • Select OK to complete the update.
    • Your device will restart twice during the update process help desk.
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